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Frequently asked questions

What makes studying with you so effective?

I put a significant amount of time and a lot of effort into creating and delivering an in-depth content that will be relevant only to your particular needs. I know that every student perceives the same information differently, and I always find the way to explain the subject so that you will absolutely understand it. I teach music theory as part of any form of the piano lessons which means that all of my students can read music as well as playing the instrument. In addition to the above, your lesson comes with an acess to a self-paces interactive theory course for beginners and personal interactive journal with fresh activities, videos and examples sent to you after every lesson to help you practice between the sessions.

Can I learn piano using free YouTube videos?

As a professional online piano instfructor over my career I have seen huge amount of beginner students who came to me with all sorts of bad habbits which prevented them from advancing past certain point. Once I have helped them to illiminate these problems, their technique improved and they went on to achieve some great results. So the answer is yes, it is possible to learn without a teacher using free YouTube videos, but you most likely will piack up some bad habbits which in the long run will cost you much more money to fix. In addition to that you will most definitely spend many hours searching the internet for bits of information more than half of which is incorrect anyway. This can be a very frustrating and lonely place to be and will most likely put you off learning piano all together. Think how much time and frustration you would save yourself by opting for professional help.

Am I too old to learn piano?

You are never too old to learn piano! Some people believe that starting to learn piano later in life is not as effective as in the childhood. This is a myth. There is no scientific evidence to back this belief. The only obstacle you might face as an adult learner is a limited amount of time for practice due to work or family. Tchaikovsky, for example, became a professional musician only in his adulthood, after ditching his career as a civil servant.

Do you teach in other countries?

Yes! I teach worldwide. Please email to discuss your requirements at paulshepherd@ottantottopianoschool.co.uk The lessons are held between 8am and 7pm GMT. However, I always try to meet the needs of my students, so do not hesitate to contact me if you have special time requirements that might fall outside of the hours specified above.

Do you teach online?

Yes! To book a lesson or to discuss your requirements please email at paulshepherd@ottantottopianoschool.co.uk

What sort of support should I expect to receive after my lesson?

I offer a full 6-day post-lesson support with every lesson. This support inclides unlimited communication via email and creation of your personal interactive journal. Your interactive journal will include a full video of your lesson, video demonstrations, sountracks, links to the relevant information from the internet , practical and theoretical assignments and much more. There will be no guess work. You will always know what to practice and how to practice. You will see a significant improvement from the first lesson. You will also have a free access to my interactive theory course for beginners.

When will I be able to attend the lessons in your studio?

I am looking to re-open my studio for face-to-face lessons as soon as this will be permitted by the government. New students are encouraged to secure their place in my class as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.