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This entry level music course for piano beginners will teach you to navigate the keyboard and read and write notes. It will also help you develop an in-depth understanding of the piano music theory basics and enable you to work your way through any beginner score with confidence! The course offers an engaging and hyper-interactive learning experience with a guided hands-on approach in its core. 


The content of the course is written by the professional music teacher specialising in online and in-person tuition.




This course is perfect for adult learners and children of 12 years of age and older and home schooling parents. 


Students and parents can use the course independently for self-teaching and home schooling, working through guided lessons, questions, and activities at their own pace. The course can be used for learning to navigate around the keyboard as well as for theoretical studies. 


Upon completion of this course, the student can expect to be fully literate within ABRSM and Trinity Grade 1 syllabus, as well as being able to confidently navigate around the piano keyboard. 


  • 30 ready-to-go guided interactive lessons

  • 353 activities and interactive exercises with automated feedback included in online lessons and accessible externally via the library ( include interactive simulations of ABRSM and Trinity graded questions).

  • 3 timed simulations of ABRSM and Trinity Grade 1 exams with the automatic result.

  • 20 printable resources in PDF format

  • Interactive flashcards

  • Interactive note learning piano keyboard (not MIDI)

  • New material added monthly


Each lesson includes guided interactive video and a set of engaging interactive exercises and activities with instant automatic feedback. The feedback will change every time depending on the answer given by the student.  There are 63 simulations of ABRSM and Trinity exam questions and 3 timed simulations of Grade 1 theory exams, each 60 minutes long.

This course includes: