• This entry level music course for piano beginners will teach you to navigate the keyboard and read and write notes. It will also help you develop an in-depth understanding of the piano music theory basics and enable to work your way through any beginner score with confidence! The course offers an engaging and hyper-interactive learning experience with a guided hands-on approach in its core. 


    The content of the course is written by the professional music teacher specialising in online and in-person tuition.

    The Essentials of Music Theory for Piano Beginners

    • This course is perfect for self-teaching beginners.

      You can use this course independently for self-teaching, or in conjunction with you regular piano lessons. You will work through guided lessons, questions, and engaging fun activities at your own pace.  

      Upon completion of this course, you can expect to be fully literate within ABRSM and Trinity Grade 1 level and confidently navigate around the piano keyboard. 


      The piano teachers can also use this course as an effective and time-saving interactive resource.

      You can double it up with any other beginner music resources to improve the effects of your music lessons. This interactive program offers everything your need to support your beginner student in learning how to read music. The program provides a strong foundation for the subject.

      From absolute basics such as the pitch of a sound, piano keyboard orientation, note names and values, and time signatures to more complex concepts such as scale degrees, intervals, key signatures and chords, The Essentials of Music Theory provides complete coverage of the Grade 1 curriculum in one place. Ready-made interactive lessons, questions, and revision activities with instant feedback, flashcards, articles and printable materials help facilitate effective independent learning at home, allowing the teacher to fully focus on instrumental teaching.

    /1 year access


    Really useful for beginners such as myself. interactive and supplements practical application. Easy to follow and breaks concepts down into consumable chunks.

    Apr 29, 2021


    This course is excellent for beginners starting out on the Piano/Keyboard. It is very informative and helps you understand how music is written and then how to interpret that into your piano playing. I have learnt new things that makes it easier to continue my progress so would highly recommend. Exercises at the end of each course is brilliant as it helps to test your knowledge

     Apr 13, 2021