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Imagine how great it would be if all children and adults were given equal opportunities regardless of their financial or social circumstances?

Sadly, the privileged background of those who govern us results in continuous failure to understand and ignore ordinary people's needs, forcing our society to adopt an "every man to himself" attitude. The class division has never been so acute. Some children have everything they need to thrive, while others have nothing. Currently, Music in the UK is pushed to the back corner of the education system. The cuts in funding for music education in mainstream schools mean that many talented children and young adults, including those with disabilities, will miss out on the chance to study music and pursue their dream careers in the music business due to the lack of consistent and systematic music education and poverty.

In 2021 UK Government approved a further 50% funding cut to arts in state schools. According to the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and Birmingham City University, A-level Music may disappear entirely from the school curriculum by 2033. Government cuts to school funding affect every music teacher in some way. Only a small percentage of music teachers are lucky to have permanent school placement. Many music teachers, however, are self-employed qualified or unqualified professionals who usually combine travel between multiple schools with teaching privately to make ends meet. Unpaid travel times, unpaid no-shows and cancellations, unpaid hours spent on advertising and job applications, and over 20% commission cuts from student finder platforms and room-hire venues if the teacher cannot teach from home.
The situation is even worse for unqualified teachers. Contrary to the common belief that mainstream and private secondary schools and academies are open to hiring promising and experienced unqualified teachers, most of these institutions will favour someone with years-worth of experience teaching in a school setting, a BA graduate with Qualified Teacher Status. This is how our system crushes people, people who, if given a chance, could go on to achieve some extraordinary things.

Why I care

I care so much about this because I have been in these shoes and understand the problem very well. I came to the UK in 2008 and soon became a parent to two beautiful children. Eventually, life took an unexpected turn, and I became a single parent. I had to work, but I could not teach at school because my Qualified Teacher Status obtained abroad was not recognised in the UK. I've got a full-time job in a shop, which took most of my time, so I couldn't start a private music tuition business. But even working full-time, I still couldn't earn adequate money because the childcare "ate" most of my income. Additionally, the morning start at the nursery and primary school collided with the start of work and the pickup time was before the end of work. The breakfast and after-school clubs were not an option as they can at additional cost. And so I had to juggle a full-time job in a shop and occasional private tuition to make ends meet. Eventually, I had to return to University to receive a UK equivalent of BA (Hons) in music to obtain Qualified Teacher Status to return to mainstream teaching. It is only thanks to my wonderful family and my now partner that I managed to get through the most challenging times in my life. But many single moms, dads, and young families do not have this level of support. None of it is right, and no one wins, not students, not teachers. But this does not have to be so! This is why I want to open a music school where every child and adult will have a fair chance of getting a quality music education and a career in music without being limited by the broken system and lack of money.

Ways you can help

Do you have experience obtaining grants and support from the local council for establishing new education institutions or charities? Can you offer any advice? 
Do you have experience in fundraising? Can you help to raise money to fund my project? 
Do you have expertise in the construction and building business? Can you provide any advice on the refurbishment of the music studios?

There are millions of ways to help, and I will be so grateful for advice or any other help you can offer. Please get in touch using the form below. Thank you!

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