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About me


Hello, my name is Paul and I am the founder of Ottantotto Piano School and the practicing tutor.


 I grew up in Moscow, Russia and graduated from the Moscow College Of Performing Arts. I hold a diploma in choral conducting as well as an ABRSM QCF Level 4 diploma in instrumental teaching.

I have 11 years experience of teaching one-to-one piano and 4 years experience of teaching piano online and I have recently created a series of interactive courses for beginners to help my student to self-teach during the lockdown. 


Full post-lesson support

My students enjoy full post lesson support packed full of soundtracks, written notes and video demos. Click here to see some examples.


Lesson structure

The structure of the lessons varies according to the needs of the individual student (whether it is focused work towards serious exams or casual learning “just for fun”). However, I follow the traditional method of Russian piano pedagogy and put a strong emphasis on theory, technique and the history of the music.

I also insure that every student works in a stress-free, friendly and creative environment, as any musical activity should be enjoyed first!

Click here to see an extract from the lesson.

For beginner learners

For intermediate learners

  • Effective daily practice techniques.
  • Tone improvement.
  • Independence in both hands.
  • Pedal control and pedalling techniques.
  • Motivation and productivity.
  • Help with performance anxiety.
  • Mindful performance with an understanding of the style and era.
  • Plus any other bespoke requirements ( adults & children).

For advanced learners

- Advanced pedalling techniques. - Advanced phrasing and dynamic techniques.
- Development of movement and flow of the performance. - Weight and balance of palm. - Advanced fingering and finger independence. - Combat performance anxiety. - Mindful performance with an understanding of the style and era. - Plus any other bespoke requirements (adults and children).

For everyone and included with every lesson

- Rapid results - Help with practical exams ( ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall, RCM ) and beyond - Books, scores, parchments - Full and unlimited post-lesson support (click here to learn about post-lesson support).

I can help you with the following:


I am incredibly proud to announce that between 2016 and 2020 all of Ottantotto Piano School students have passed ABRSM practical graded exams!


Teaching through COVID-19

The lockdown has forced many tutors to put the lessons on hold. Luckily my school has successfully practised online tuition for many years before the pandemic. I use a multi-camera setup and the most up-to-date technology, making your learning just as good and effective as in-person.

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