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 About me 

I grew up in Moscow, Russia, and graduated from the Moscow Regional College Of Performing Arts with the qualification of a classical piano teacher and Chorus Master with a particular interest in Russian classical choral music. I also hold ABRSM QCF Level 4 diploma in instrumental teaching (piano) and currently am studying towards UK Bachelor (Hons) in Music.
While at Moscow Regional College of Performing Arts, I studied under conductor Svetlana Alekseevna Kamelskaya, who in her turn graduated under a renowned Soviet composer and pianist Vasili Pavlovich Soloviev-Sedoy. 

I specialise in teaching adult learners of any age and ability. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced piano learner, I will provide you with the most comprehensive support you need to reach your goals. From basics such as simply learning to navigate the piano keyboard to complex phrasing and pedalling techniques- I will help you to take your skills to an entirely new level.

My experience

I have 12 years of experience teaching piano online and in person. I have recently created an interactive online course for beginners to provide additional help to piano beginners during the lockdown. The course is free to all of my students or you can
purchase 1-year access to study independently.

Lesson structure

The structure of the lessons varies according to the needs of the individual student (whether it is focused work towards serious exams or casual learning “just for fun”). However, I follow the traditional method of Russian piano pedagogy and put a strong emphasis on theory, technique and the history of the music.

I also ensure that every student works in a stress-free, friendly and creative environment, as any musical activity should be enjoyed first!

Full post-lesson support

My students enjoy full and unlimited access to my support between the lessons. I provide scores, blank manuscripts, books and recordings, all of which included in the price of your lessons

I put a lot of time and effort into creating and delivering an in-depth learning experience tailored to your particular needs and targets. I know that every student perceives the same information differently, and I always find a way to explain the subject so that you will absolutely understand it. There will be no guesswork between the lessons. You will always know what to practice and how to practice. I guarantee that you will see a significant improvement from the first lesson.

I teach music theory as part of any form of piano lessons which means that all of my students can read music and play the instrument. 

What is Vantage Virtual Office?

  • A service that offer a full-service office which allows client to use an office dress and professional reception service, without renting an actual physical office.
  • An office solution which provide you several options that best fits your needs and budget.
  • Service package from offering a business address to inclusive of phone answering service with your company greetings or inclusive of meeting room or hot desk usage.
  • Virtual Office can assist client to collect the incoming correspondence or parcels.
  • Allow client 24/7 access to collect the incoming correspondence.
  • Allow client to work anywhere while having a local presence in Hong Kong.

Can I use the Virtual Office address for my Company Incorporation?


Can I have my incoming mail forwarded?

Yes, just need to add a mail forwarded charge.

Do you accept parcels and courier packages?

We accept business deliveries from courier companies with a size and weight limit.

What are the cost for enrolling a Virtual Office? Any hidden cost?

  • The monthly fee is from as low as HK$5 per day only.
  • There is no hidden cost at Vantage.

How do I enroll and start the service?

Just download the Virtual Office application form, complete it and return with a copy of the Business Registration, Passport or ID Copy of the Director. When payment is done, your Virtual Office can start immediately.

What is the minimum period I have to commit?

Minimum 3 months service is required to sign up.

What form of payment is accepted?

Pre-payment by bank transfer or cheque deposit is accepted.